Tunnel Video for YouTube Highlights

The free and easy way to create highlight reels from YouTube videos

The solution to simplifying video editing
Perfect for sports highlights and coaching videos
Share highlight reels on social media
Create your own kid-friendly playlists

Smarter Playlists

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Create the playlists you want by choosing the sections of videos you need. Easily share your creations.

Kid-friendly Viewing

Kid-friendly playlists

Create a playlist and rest assured your kids are only seeing the content you added--no comments, no recommended videos.

No Install

No Install

Tunnel Video is a web-based cloud service. Free registration unlocks more powerful functionality for managing and building highlight reels.


Tunnel Video can save you time, money, and frustration


Use the app at no cost. Register for free to get access to more features.

Mashup Playlists

Choose only the parts of YouTube videos you want to see.

Quick and Easy

Simply add videos from YouTube, set the start and end time, and you're done!


Easily share your highlight reels with a link. There is no login or charge to view reels.

Tunnel Video is a smarter YouTube playlist creator and the quick and easy alternative to video editing.

Create shareable highlight reels and mashups without installing anything.